Task & ToDo lists plugin

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Task & ToDo lists plugin

Kevin Papst
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A Kimai plugin, which allows you to plan your work and distribute tasks among your users and teams.

It adds a new "Task management" view, two new dashboard widgets and a new report.


Add "tasks" which are used to start and group timesheet records.

Two new dashboard widgets to manage all your work.

A new admin screen to view and manage all tasks, including detail pages for single tasks.

A new report to show all users with assigned and estimated tasks.

Each task has a:

  • Title
  • Task description
  • End date (optional)
  • List of comments
  • User (optional, otherwise task can be self-assigned from the "pending tasks" widget)
  • Team (optional: if given, only users from this team see this task and can assign it)
  • Customer (will be copied to the started timesheets)
  • Project (will be copied to the started timesheets)
  • Activity (will be copied to the started timesheets)
  • Description (will be copied to the started timesheets)


Full documentation and screenshots can be found at this store page.

You can test it in the "Plugins" demo.

I want this!


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