Custom-fields plugin for Kimai

Kevin Papst
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A Kimai plugin, which allows to configure additional custom fields for timesheets, customers, projects, activities, users, invoices and expenses.


Configure additional fields in various formats for the following data types:

You can create as many fields as you want for each data type, where each field:

  • is either optional or mandatory

  • has its own visibility (see below)

  • can be restricted to certain combinations (eg. a "location" field will only be shown for customer X and project Y)

  • can be described with a name and help text 

The custom fields will be shown on the "create and edit entity" forms and can have the following types:

  • string

  • integer

  • number

  • duration

  • money

  • checkbox

  • language

  • currency

  • country

  • color

  • date

  • datetime

  • choice list

The custom fields data is then available in:

  • Data-tables will display all visible fields

  • Exports (HTML and Spreadsheets include all visible fields)

  • Timesheet exports (include visible timesheet fields)

  • API (collections and entities)

  • User preferences are always mandatory

Be aware:

  • Restricted fields won't be visible on the create forms, as Kimai initially can't know if the rule will apply. In these cases the custom fields will only be shown in the edit forms.

  • Sensitive data can be configured as "invisible", so it will not show up in the above mentioned places.

  • Custom fields on users are not available via the API for now


Full documentation and screenshots can be found at this store page.

You can test it in the "Plugins" demo.


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Custom-fields plugin for Kimai

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