Translation plugin

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Translation plugin

Kevin Papst
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A Kimai plugin, which allows to translate (almost) all elements and messages.

Every business/industry has different wordings and now you can finally adjust menu items, form labels, headings, page titles, table header, error messages, and many more to your own needs.


Requirement: Kimai >= 1.15

You can replace messages, form labels, menu items and many more into one or multiple language. It comes with a new "Translation" view to manage these changed translations.

Often companies want to change some wordings in Kimai to better match it to their industry or usage of Kimai. One of the most requested modifications in Kimai is to change "Customers" to something else like "Client", "Construction site", "Building" or "Social contact".

With this bundle it is as simple as searching the text to replace and then setting your preferred replacement.

What cannot be changed

The text from the following "domains" cannot be changed:

  • Security (Login, Password forgotten)

  • Names of export templates

  • Invoice number-generators

  • Invoice calculators

  • Invoice renderer


Full documentation and screenshots can be found at this store page.

You can test it in the "Plugins" demo.

I want this!
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